What to expect from your Wedding Celebrant

Its between you and your Wedding Celebrant

weddingcelebrant1.jpgYour celebrant should offer an initial no obligation meeting with you both. This meeting allows you and the celebrant to see if your personalities blend, to make sure all parties understand the ceremony concept and the legal obligations and procedures. There should be no pressure to sign anything at this stage. The decision on whether to proceed is yours alone.

Once you have decided, the next meeting will be to discuss your ceremony needs in more detail and to fill out the legal paperwork.

Your wedding celebrant will give you a choice of the various ceremonies he or she offers, which can be tailored to suit your specific desires. It is the celebrant's job to offer ideas after listening to your thoughts. He may have some very good suggestions which you may not have considered, however you should at all times feel that the final decisions are only guided by your wedding celebrant, and not dictated by them.

The happy couple should feel entitled to have unlimited phone, email or in person consultations. Your agreement should include an on-site rehearsal. Depending on your choice of ceremony, this may be an additional charge. The rehearsal is meant to relax the bridal party, by going through the ceremony from start to finish. The processional music is played, giving away, rings exchanged, who stands where. Your celebrant should give you a draft of the ceremony, created between you, prior to the ceremony, for your approval.

If there is anything you are unhappy with, discuss this with your celebrant.

Celebrants are not mind readers and you should feel that all facets of your special day have been covered and understood. Remember - Your Wedding, Your Way.

Your wedding certificate needs to be prepared by a professional calligrapher or laser printed. Your celebrant can supply Appreciation Certificates if required.

Your celebrant should arrive approximately 45mins before the ceremony to set up equipment, but of course he will have explained this in advance and you will have ensured that someone is available to greet him and offer a hand should he need one. Again, you will have discussed this in advance and have been prepared. The celebrant will of course be dressed to suit the formal occasion.

The celebrant should not only arrive early, but should not rush through the ceremony because he has booked another ceremony too close. This is your day and your celebrant has a professional commitment to you both. He or she will be completely familiar with the ceremony script beforehand, and will officiate in a sincere, intelligent and fully audible manner. A good PA system is essential when 10 or more people are present.

Lastly, if your celebrant has performed according to your agreement and has perhaps gone above and beyond your expectations, be sure to express your thanks with a testimonial or a referral.

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