Why you should consider a Marriage Celebrant

A civil marriage celebrant is able to offer a greater variety of ceremonies, from a wedding to a renewal of vows or a baby naming ceremony.

You are able to solemise your ceremony in whatever setting you desire.It could be on a beach, on an island, in a botanical garden, a restaurant, hall, or at home in the back yard.

As long as the ceremony is in Australia, the setting is only restricted by your imagination.

 You can choose a male or female celebrant.

 You can meet with your prospective celebrant to ensure he/she is able to meet your expectations.

A celebrant is able to offer many alternatives to the more traditional ceremony such as poems, readings, rituals, your choice of music or musicians can be incorporated into the ceremony.

It is the celebrant's role to offer you ideas, listen to your ideas or plans and then between you choreograph a ceremony you will enjoy, cherish, and remember for life.

I believe every couple should consider using a celebrant when deciding who will marry them.

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